Nesta is a Leading Private Equity Firm Focused on the North American Cannabis Industry.


Our team has achieved an admirable track record of owning and operating ancillary assets within the legalized Canadian and U.S. cannabis markets.

We are now launching the Indica Strategy Fund, targeting European-qualified investors who are seeking risk-mitigated exposure to the North American Cannabis Industry.


Nesta’s strategy is to leverage its extensive network and industry contacts to source a compelling list of investment opportunities and then select the best companies—those that provide the potential for consumer scalability, high margins and exceptional top-line growth.

These companies will typically be:

  • Offering ancillary products and services—opportunities that leverage the growth of the North American cannabis industry without the associated regulatory risk
  • Have well balanced management teams with strong entrepreneurial leadership
  • Operating in legalized jurisdictions that provide a realistic opportunity for acute growth



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